The rich-text editor framework for React.

Plate is a powerful toolkit that makes it easier for you to develop with Slate, a popular framework for building text editors. Plate focuses on four main areas: Core, Plugins, Primitives and Components.


The heart of Plate is its plugin system, specially designed for slate-react. It helps keep your project organized and efficient by separating different functionalities and keeping things clean.


Plate offers a wide range of plugin packages that enhance the behavior, hooks, serialization, normalization, and other features of the editor. These plugins are "headless," meaning they are unstyled by default.


In addition to plugins, Plate provides unstyled and accessible components based on Radix UI. These components serve as the foundation for building high-quality design systems.


To help you get started with a visually appealing interface, Plate offers pre-built styled components you can own using our CLI. These components, based on shadcn/ui, can be used as a reference or starting point for your own component library, enabling you to create a unique, accessible, and visually pleasing user interface.



  • shadcn/ui - For the UI, the docs and the CLI.
  • Radix UI - For the primitives.
  • Vercel - For hosting.
  • Shu Ding - The typography style is adapted from his work on Nextra.
  • cmdk - For the <Command /> component.