Plate Editor

Plate Editor

API reference for Plate editor.

A custom editor interface that extends the base TEditor, THistoryEditor, and TReactEditor interfaces and includes additional properties and methods specific to the Plate library.


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    A factory function that generates a default block, which by default is a block of type ELEMENT_DEFAULT with a single empty text child.

    A factory function that generates the children of the editor, which by default is an array containing one default block.

    The current keyboard event being processed by the editor, or null if no event is being processed.

    A key that can be used to uniquely identify the editor.

    Sets the value of <key> in the Plate store. The following keys are currently supported:

    • readOnly
    • plugins
    • onChange
    • decorate
    • renderElement
    • renderLeaf

    An array of plugins that are currently being used by the editor.

    A record of plugins indexed by their keys.

    The previous selection range in the editor.

    A function that redecorates the editor.

    A function that resets the editor to its initial state.